Tooth Extraction Symptoms

After the extraction is done, the worst is pretty much over. But do expect a few symptoms prior to the emergency tooth extraction northglen procedure. Here are some of the most common symptoms to expect. Expect to experience trauma to the teeth. There could even be the rise of a dental abscess. Also note that periodontal disease may have already occurred and this could now have regressed after the tooth was pulled. Further tooth decay may also have occurred.

Trauma to teeth is usually related to injury. This could be both sports and work-related. It could also be as a result of a roadside accident. It is usual in cases like these that an emergency dental extraction may be required. Far too much damage has been done to the affected tooth or teeth. And there may be a considerable amount of bleeding to the gums which must be stopped at the earliest. But yes.

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The injury may not be all that traumatic after all. There is every possibility that the tooth could be rescued. Needless to say, some repair and/or cleaning work will be required. But in determining this, the dentist will also be considering the location of the tooth or injury. Now, the dental abscess is an infection that could occur in or around the tooth. This is what would usually result in a pocket of pus forming.

The abscess, for different reasons, occurs in different parts of the tooth. While its occurrence is still rare, it can be quite painful. And that of course, constitutes emergency treatment. Because in a case like this, the pain is not going to go away, particularly if you choose to self-medicate. Finally, when periodontal disease has occurred, bone decay could have been caused as well.