How Can Showering Help With Ticks?

You may read online about how showering right when you come inside from your yard can be a good way to rid yourself of ticks. How true is this statement? Well, the simple act of showering actually does nothing to keep ticks off of you, but it can be a great helper in other ways when it comes to preventative measures about ticks.

Let’s deconstruct this piece of advice regarding ticks so you can understand just how showering comes into play in the battle against ticks.

Showering and Tick Prevention

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Showering is something that you should do right after coming inside from your yard, if you have reason to believe that there might be a good number of ticks in the lawn. Showering after being outside is such a repeated piece of advice when it comes to ticks because it has actually been shown to help reduce the risk of Lyme disease and many other illnesses often transmitted to humans through tick bites.

Jumping in the shower after coming in also gives you a chance to check your body over thoroughly for ticks, allowing you to make sure no ticks have hidden under your clothes. Another bonus about showering after coming in from outside is that you will also potentially wash off any ticks that haven’t had the chance to really bite through and attach itself to your skin yet.

You can also use this approach with your kids, encouraging them to bathe and check themselves over for ticks when they return inside from a long session of playing in the yard.

Doing everything you can to keep ticks off of yourself and your family is one of the best things you can do in your battle to keep them away. The best way, of course, is to make sure you get in touch with tick exterminator tallahassee services so you can have your yard professionally treated, allowing you some peace of mind.